Emily’s Book Rating System

Welcome to Emily at the Library! My new blog about…. books!

The main reason I created this blog is to connect with other readers, share my love of reading and to review books. A comprehensive rating system is important to any book review so, like many book reviewers, I’m using the 1-5 rating scale. Ratings mean different things to different people. After a lot of thinking, I’ve determined what each rating means to me.

5 Rating

  • Amazing read! Do not miss picking this one up
  • I was constantly excited to read this book, I didn’t want to put it down
  • I couldn’t find a significant flaw in any shape or form
  • Generally the concepts and themes from the book stays with me for some time

4 Rating

  • Good book, for the most part well written, interesting characters, captivating plot
  • Could be improved in some minor areas
  • Overall an enjoyable read, I looked forward to when I could read this book

3 Rating

  • Decent writing, plot, characters and/or concepts but still fell a little flat
  • A pretty good book but not memorable or anything special
  • Not a bad review- consider reading

2 Rating

  • Either some parts of the plot, characters, concept and/or writing kept me interested but it wasn’t enough to support the whole book
  • Not my cup of tea, for the most part I was turned off by the book and didn’t find enough of it enjoyable

1 Rating

  • It was very hard to finish reading this book, I almost gave up a couple times or put it down for awhile and wasn’t inspired to pick it up again any time soon.
  • The writing, characters, concept and/or plot was poorly executed
  • In my opinion, not a good book- definitely a pass

I tend to be a high reviewer, out of me you’re more likely to get a 4 or 5 than a 2 or 3. I only will review books that I’ve read completely, I won’t be reviewing books that I haven’t finished.

Until next time, Emily


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