And Then There Were None: Book Review

author: Agatha Christie
published: Collins Crime Club, 1939
my rating: 5/5

“In the midst of life, we are in death.”


Ten diverse strangers are invited to the private and isolated Soldier Island, each under different circumstances. Their mysterious host fails to show up and during their first dinner together an overhead voice accuses each of the guests of a horrific crime. One by one they become murdered, there is no one else on the island and there is no way to escape- so the only question left is who is the killer?

This has to be one of the best mysteries I’ve ever read. I loved the creepy atmosphere and I loved having an idea of what was coming next, I thought it was really unique and I was always waiting for the next murder. I thought that maybe having the murders mimic the nursery rhyme would make it tedious or boring because you know the rhyme at the beginning of the story- it was the complete opposite, I loved it! I ended up reading this book in 2 days- I never wanted to put it down.

The book followed through and gave me the creeps, not too scary and definitely not gory but I had shivers throughout. The mystery itself was hard to figure out, I was so sure I knew who it was but you’re kept in the dark until the very last page.

Hover over this to see a somewhat spoiler

In the beginning Christie has a lot of characters to introduce and although it could be considered a little slow to start I thought she didn’t give too much information- just enough to give a good background on everyone and to get the story started.

Overall I would definitely read this book, such a timeless and classic mystery that is very well written and laid out. Amazing read- I recommend it to anyone who remotely likes mystery/ suspense books. It’s a great classic whodunnit novel with a firm plot and great writing.

Until next time, Emily


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