Books from the Used Book Store


More than half of my books in my bookcase are preloved, mostly from random book sales or passed down from friends and family. Recently a used bookstore opened up along my commute and I stop in at least twice a week. Even though I don’t buy a book every time I go in I find joy in looking through the stacks at all of the different titles. I thought I’d feature some of my finds.

The Regatta Mystery – Agatha Christie
Elephants Can Remember – Agatha Christie
The Tempest – William Shakespeare 
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – J.K. Rowling
The Happiness Project – Gretchen Rubin
The Widow – Fiona Barton
Catch-22 – Joseph Heller
The Cat’s Table – Michael Ondaatje
The Poetry of Robert Frost

I love my local Indigo and the independent bookshops in the city but I also really enjoy the used book store- it gives preloved books new life!

Until next time, Emily


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