The Girl on the Train: Book Review

author: Paula Hawkins
published: Riverhead Books, 2016
my rating: 4/5

“The memory doesn’t fit with the reality, because I don’t remember anger, raging fury. I remember fear.”

Book Review-The Girl on the Train

Rachel, a recently divorced alcoholic rides the train to and from London everyday. She fantasizes about the perfect couple who she sees from the train and names them Jess and Jason. They live in a house backing onto the train tracks on the same street she used to live on, a few houses down from the one she used to call home. Now occupied by her ex-husband, his former mistress now wife and their baby girl.  One day she sees something that changes everything, the next morning “Jess” is missing and Rachel can’t remember a thing from the night before. Is she involved somehow? How reliable are Rachel’s memories?

This is a great read. I love all of the characters, their differences and their dynamic interactions, even if they aren’t considered to be “likable characters.” I was really drawn to Rachel and was rooting for her throughout the entire novel. I mean I felt real victory when she discovered a new memory or put some missing pieces together. What I really liked about the narration was that from early on you can tell that Rachel is an unreliable narrator but she’s trying her best to tell the truth, so here and there you get little pieces of what is actually happening. It’s like you’re figuring out the mystery along with her. The plot was perfectly paced and incredibly interesting, I think it worked so well because I was really interested in all of the characters.

The ending got me so good! I couldn’t believe who was responsible for Meghan’s disappearance as well as how the whole ending played out, such a great twist!! The “bad guy” didn’t come out of nowhere and looking back it all makes sense.

It took me a while to get into, the first couple chapters were slow to read and I found all of the commute talk to be a little tedious but then all of a sudden I couldn’t put it down. I also didn’t find it to be such a good comparison to Gone Girl which I thought was a lot more suspenseful and scary. But in its own right I really liked the book.

Overall I would recommend this book. I really liked the different characters, the plot was interesting and the mystery itself was really good. I’m excited to see the movie, I love watching movie remakes of mystery/suspense books plus I just love Emily Blunt (not just because we share the same name).

Until next time, Emily


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