Reading Questions for the Girl on the Train

I thoroughly enjoyed The Girl on the Train, if you haven’t seen I wrote a spoiler free review which you can read here. After I was done reading I thought up some discussion questions that I thought I might share. I’d love to hear your thoughts

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t read the book yet and want it to be a surprise, don’t read any further! You’ve been warned!!

  1. Scott admits that he didn’t call Megan when she walked out for the last time because she had told her that she was seeing someone else. Why didn’t Scott tell the police he knew that as soon as she went missing and wait instead for Rachel to come forward with the information about Dr. Abdic?
  2. At which point in the novel did you first suspect Tom? Who were your other prime suspects?
  3. At the end, Rachel uses a corkscrew to end things once and for all with Tom. Do you see the corkscrew as a deeper symbol of Rachel finally taking control of her drinking or was the corkscrew just an easy object to pick up because she knew exactly where it was?
  4. If you could give another title to The Girl on the Train what would it be and why?
  5. Trust is a main theme in the novel. How did it influence the plot and the characters?

Let’s disscuss in the comments!

Until next time, Emily


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