The Happiness Project: Book Review

author: Gretchen Rubin
published: Harper Collins, 2009
my rating: 5/5

The days are long but the years are short.


Book Summary

When sitting on a bus one day Gretchen Rubin decides to make a change to be her happiest self. Making new resolutions each month to explore all areas of the causes happiness in and beyond her comfort zone. Months focussed on friends, family, money, mindfulness- you name it! Rubin takes you along her year-long happiness project to become a happier version of herself.

My Thoughts

This book was such a joy to read- ironic to say but it made me happy reading it! To begin, Rubin’s writing is great. Her ideas and thoughts are very well researched (the scientist in me loved all of the studies she integrated) and then it was completely filled with honest personal stories. She’s not perfect and she doesn’t pretend to be which really makes this book and her happiness project real as well as something that you might want to try.

I found myself constantly inspired by her resolutions. After reading the January on clearing out clutter I immediately went to my closet and got rid of clothes that didn’t fit or I never wore anymore. My next post is going to be a discussion on this book because I feel like there is so much more to say!

The book is divided up nicely. Each chapter is like a mini short story, it is it’s own idea and finishes nicely so even if you don’t feel the need to read the whole book (which I do suggest) it’s easy to pick and choose which chapters you want to cover.

Right away she addresses the idea that her whole project might seem selfish or narcissistic but throughout the book she realizes that her happiness directly reflects to other people. She also addresses that she has a fortunate life and that she wants to appreciate it as much as she can.

Overall I really liked this book. Gretchen’s path to becoming happier is both very relatable and very inspirational.

Until next time, Emily


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