Everything, Everything: Book Review

author: Nicola Yoon
published: Delacorte Press, 2015
rating: 2/5

You may not be able to experience everything but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experience anything.


Book Summary

Madeline has been sick for her whole life. A serious autoimmune disease makes her allergic to almost everything in the outside world forcing her to stay inside her (air-filtered, sterile, decontaminated) house for her entire 18 year existance. She’s only ever been in contact with her mom and her nurse Carla, but one day a boy moves in next door and everything changes. 

My Thoughts

I think what it came down to was that this book tried to do a lot of things at once and although some parts were successful the main plot fell through.

The concept for this book was very unique and creative, not just a typical romance novel and I love that. The narrative was well-written, the cover art was gorgeous and the multimedia illustrations throughout paired with the short chapters made it fun to read, it was easy to read in one afternoon. I just had problems with the plot- sometimes it didn’t make sense, things didn’t add up, situations just came out of nowhere or the way circumstances were handled were waaayy too far fetched and definitely not realistic. I think this book would’ve been more successful if it had been expanded to be longer and more descriptive instead of being rushed.

That being said, I’m glad I read it- reading books like this, specifically ones that I can finish quickly and can provoke a strong opinion out of me end up encouraging me to read more!

Overall, not my cup of tea mainly because of plot problems and although aspects like the design and narrative were successful, in my opinion it wasn’t enough to hold up the book.

Not every book you read is going to be your favourite. This review is just my own opinion and I know that this book is well loved by many people. I’d love to hear your thoughts on whether you liked or disliked this book.

Until next time, Emily


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