The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: Book Review

author: Marie Kondo
published: Ten Speed Press, 2011
rating: 4/5

Keep only the things that speak to the heart. Then take the plunge and discard all the rest.


Book Summary

Marie Kondo takes her years of experience helping people tidy up their homes and their lives with the “KonMari” method and wraps it up into a book for anyone to read anywhere in the world. This book explores how Marie found her love of tidying, how to tidy your home inside and out in the right order and how tidying has transformed her clients lives. Her main theory is don’t keep it for any reason other than if it sparks joy.

My Thoughts

I loved reading this book, I always find myself trying to tidy and no matter how many times I clean up my space it always becomes messy again! Her method of choosing whether or not to keep an item based on if it sparks joy is really effective. She acknowledges that you may feel guilty giving things away but talks about how to work through that. I started using her method early on in her book to clean up my space, I got rid of 1 trashbags worth of stuff just weeding through and picking out things that I had no use for anymore. Imagine how much I could get rid of if I put some thought into it? I think I am happier with less stuff as I keep cleaning with the KonMari method I notice my mind feels less cluttered the more I get rid of!

Her writing was great and I really liked how she integrated her lessons and methods with stories from own experience and her clients. She explains her method is a way that is clear, consise and easy to follow.

The only reason why this book doesn’t get a full 5 stars is because I think she’s writing for a specific clientele. I’m a student so I live in my sweatpants and I have piles and piles of textbooks, notes and school supplies. Although she covered what to do with notes from a one-time workshop, notes for a degree program are different, I think it’s useful to save them! That being said there is enough detailed material in the book to help me fill up the gaps. Also, I realize that there is a “companion guide” that I’m very interested in picking up.

Overall I recommend this book if you are looking for ways to get rid of unnessesary things lying around your home or if your interested in the “minimalist lifestyle”.

Until next time, Emily


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