Top 5 Wednesday: 2017 Goals

  1. Read 30 books
    I’m not putting any pressure on myself to reach this goal but I would be super happy if I did. However I think it’s important to still read what you like, even though it probably wouldn’t help me with my goal, if I want to read Moby Dick I will read Moby Dick. (What am I doing still blogging? If I’m going to read 30 books I’d better get started!!)

  1. Build the community on my blog to 100 followers! 
    I’ve started book blogging in October and am going to be doing a bit of a re-launch soon. My goals for 2017 is to blog regularly for this year and keep my community growing!
  2. Read as many Agatha Christie books as I can
    I have a little list where I’ve written down all of Agatha Christie’s books and I cross them off as I go, it would be great to cross off a large chunk of them this year
  3. Read the Harry Potter series
    Ahh!! I know!! I haven’t read them!! I was thinking about participating in Merry Xmas to You this year but instead I decided not to force myself to read the series so quickly and just enjoy them. But once I have read them I’m super excited to join the readawatchalongathon! I’m in the process of collecting the older editions of Harry Potter from used book stores from when I was growing up.
  4. Make more time for reading
    This goal is something that I’ll really put a priority on. A lot of the reading I do is “Binge Reading” for 1 week straight I’ll just read, read, read and then I won’t touch a book for a few weeks after. I think putting aside 20 minutes per day minimum is a great goal for me this year.

What are your reading goals for this year?

sunUntil next time, Emily


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