Top 10 Tuesday: Why I Love the Murdoch Mysteries Fandom

Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly list created by The Brooke and the Bookish in which a new topic is listed each week. This week is all about fandoms and I chose to write about the Murdoch Mysteries “fandom.” I really love this show, I’ve been watching from season 1! So here we go, 10 reasons I love the Murdoch Mysteries Fandom


  1. Friendly and supportive fan base- the facebook group has lots of other fans who love the show just as much as I do!
  2. Writer’s wrote a whole episode about the Murdoch Appreciation Society (and it was great)
    Murdoch Appreciation Society 2.jpg
  3. The merch is awesome
  4. There is an Escape Room!
  5. It’s Canadian love! This show is set and filmed in Canada, spotlighting a lot of Canadian history, locations as well as actors, writers, costume designers etc.
  6. The great fan conversations-show related history. The show includes real events that impacted Toronto and Canada like the Yukon Gold Rush and the Toronto Fire, the fans always have great information to add.
  7. Wonderful Events like the afternoon Unlock Murdoch event at CBC in Toronto!
  8. Local sets- the show is filmed outside, using preserved buildings and locations in Ontario. Popularly used include Toronto, Hamilton and Brantford.
  9. Books, Books, Books! The show was based on a book series by Maureen Jennings, 5 total. A book was also made about the behind the scenes of making the show, of course I have a copy.
  10. It includes everyone and everyone! I’ve seen fans of every age who are fans of every genre interested in the show. Everyone is invited to join the Murdoch Mysteries fandom.

Until next time, Emily


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