Cat Among The Pigeons: Book Review

author: Agatha Christie
published: Berkley
rating: 3/5


We have to know, you see, if there is still a cat among the pigeons! You understand what I mean? Is there still someone here who is masquerading under false colours?

Book Summary

Meadowbank Girl’s Private School is the last place you’d expect a murder because every single student, teacher and mistress is carefully and thoroughly selected to make sure they’re a perfect fit for the institution. But suddenly the Gems Mistress is shot in the middle of the night in the sports pavilion and everything Meadowbank has achieved could be lost. How does the murder connect to the revolution in Ramat? Why do strange things keep occurring at Meadowbank? Who is the murderer?

My Thoughts

Another Agatha Christie read! It was a Hercule Poirot mystery but he didn’t appear until the last quarter of the novel. Like clockwork he fits all of the pieces together. This was a shorter novel and quite easy to follow along. I enjoyed the spy and international elements, the plot moved along really well and the characters were great. My favourite was the headmistress Ms. Bulstrode. She was the perfect combination of strong and caring.

Overall, this book wasn’t as good as the other Agatha Christie novels I’ve read. Usually I need to know what happens next, I can’t put it down, but with this one I took a long time to get through it. I think I didn’t connect with this story as much as I did with some of her others.

Until next time, Emily


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