Goodreads Monday: unplug

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unplug// Suze Yalof Schwartz

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The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: Book Review

author: Marie Kondo
published: Ten Speed Press, 2011
rating: 4/5

Keep only the things that speak to the heart. Then take the plunge and discard all the rest.


Book Summary

Marie Kondo takes her years of experience helping people tidy up their homes and their lives with the “KonMari” method and wraps it up into a book for anyone to read anywhere in the world. This book explores how Marie found her love of tidying, how to tidy your home inside and out in the right order and how tidying has transformed her clients lives. Her main theory is don’t keep it for any reason other than if it sparks joy.

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The Happiness Project: Book Review

author: Gretchen Rubin
published: Harper Collins, 2009
my rating: 5/5

The days are long but the years are short.


Book Summary

When sitting on a bus one day Gretchen Rubin decides to make a change to be her happiest self. Making new resolutions each month to explore all areas of the causes happiness in and beyond her comfort zone. Months focussed on friends, family, money, mindfulness- you name it! Rubin takes you along her year-long happiness project to become a happier version of herself.

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